Unseen TRANSYLVANIA VILLAGE FOOD + Best LAMB Stew in Romania!!


Mark Wiens

Village Food and Life in Transylvania, Romania – We had an amazingly special opportunity to spend a day in a local village in Transylvania, meeting amazing people, and learning about the delicious local food and life in Transylvania. #Transylvania #RomanianFood

Thank you to Caroline from Mihai Eminescu Trust for hosting us and for organising this experience.

Rooster soup and home cooked banquet – The main main was a home cooked rooster soup and banquet feast put on by an amazing community of women from this small, yet huge hearted, village in Transylvania. The food was cooked with so much love, and you could taste it in every bite.

Orchard’s Crunchy Pork – After riding a horse carriage to the top of a hill to get a view of the village and see the apple orchards, we enjoyed a Romanian Transylvanian picnic that included grilled pork fat skin.

Shepherd’s Lamb Stew and Polenta – This special shepherd’s lamb stew and polenta was incredible, the lamb fell off the bone with tenderness, and the polenta was rich and cheesy.

It was such an incredible day of Romanian food and learning about this incredible village in Transylvania.

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