Coronavirus Update From Home in Malaysia – Let’s Stay Strong!

The Food Ranger

Let’s stay calm and not panic. Focus on using our time on positive things.…

We moved to Malaysia in November and are loving this beautiful country. My favourite place and favourite food in the world. We are now home in Kuala Lumpur for 3 weeks now since coming back from Turkey and have decided not to travel and we are advising all not to travel at this time. I think we all need to do the responsible thing and practice social distancing and flatten the curve!

Malaysia has just put in place a restriction of movement which we have already been practicing but it’s official now so we are going to keep staying at home and cook and eat here until this all passes.

What’s most important is not panicking and staying calm! Let’s all do that together! Wanted to make this quick update video for you! Thanks for watching!

Thanks so much for watching!

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