Iran’s Breathtaking Mountain Village + Big Iranian Breakfast!! | Masuleh, Iran 🇮🇷

Mark Abroad

MASULEH, IRAN – During our trip to Iran, we had the privilege to visit Masuleh, an ancient village, high in the mountains of Gilan province of Iran. Masuleh is known for its unique architecture, a village that’s build on the side of the mountain where each house is built upon the neighbors roof. The entire village is a city in and of itself, which a market bazaar, restaurants, shops, and homes. It’s an amazing place to visit when you’re in Iran. #Masuleh #Iran #IranianFood

In this video I’ll first give you a tour of our guest house, where we stayed for the night. It was more like a small apartment, with a bedrooms, living room and kitchen. Next, we walked around the village for a few minutes before going to breakfast.

For breakfast, we went to the oldest Iranian teahouse in Masuleh, a place where people gather to eat, drink tea, and socialize throughout the morning and night. Iranian breakfast included bread, Iranian omelet of eggs and tomato paste and tea.

We had an amazing time visit Masuleh village in Iran, and thank you to everyone who made our visit to Iran possible.

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