Meet the KEBAB KINGS of IRAN!! 🇮🇷SWORD CHOPPED Meat-Madness in Bonab! 🥩


Mark Wiens

BONAB, IRAN – Ask around in Iran where the best kebabs are, and a likely response you’ll get quite quickly is Bonab. Bonab is a city known throughout Iran for their kebabs. Located in Northern Iran, there was no way we were going to miss an opportunity of a lifetime to eat Bonab kebabs from their source. #Iran #IranianFood #kebabs #streetfood

It was about a 2 hour drive from Tabriz, but it was well worth it. We jumped out of the van, and entered the Bonab market. Eventually we came to the meat section of the market. What’s unique about the Bonad meat market is that you can buy fresh meat, and then bring it to one of the kebab restaurants within the market, and they will immediately on spot make for you fresh kebabs. And in a country that lives of kebabs, Bonab kebabs are special. It’s one of the only places in Iran, where they hand chop your meat using swords, mix it with onions and seasonings, form the kebabs, and grill them, all in one little closet sized Iranian street food restaurant. What truly makes a difference is the hand sword chopped mince of the meat so its not too fine, but remains steaky.

The kebabs were grilled fresh and hot and served dripping in their own fatty juices, and served with roasted tomatoes and chilies. The combination was heavenly, some of the best and most pure kebabs I’ve tasted anywhere in the world. The freshness speaks for itself, and again, the hand ground chopped texture makes all the difference.

Bonab, Iran, truly is the King of kebabs in Iran!

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