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RASHT, IRAN – Located in the northern part of Iran, along the Caspian Sea, Rasht is a green and rainy city – and it just happen to rain the entire time we were in Rasht! It also happens to be known for food – if you come to Iran and love food, you don’t want to miss Rasht. In this Iranian food tour, we’ll explore the unique dishes of Rasht, a family cooked local meal, and a vibrant market. #Iran #IranianFood #streetfood

Local Gilan Food Meal – We drove from Tehran straight to our first restaurant, located just outside the city of Rasht. It was a treat to have a local family prepare for us some of the Gilan food specialities. They made a wild bird, along with duck, and a number of different stews, and a number of different fried fish from the Caspian Sea. The use of walnut oil and sour pomegranate paste to flavor dishes, was entirely unique for me, and truly outstanding.

Market at Rasht – Next we headed over to the vibrant market of Rasht where we sampled a number of Iraninan street food dishes including a very unique rice pancake filled with walnuts, and a surprise skewer of lamb intestines roasted with blow torch.

Iranian Kebabs – Kebabs are probably the most well known Iranian food in all of Iran, and Rasht is known for their local style – especially sour kebabs – marinated in sour pomegranate paste. All the kebabs were delicious, but probably my favorite was the ultra rich and oily minced meat kebab that was then dunked into the melted lamb fat oil pan to soak up all the flavor. That’s what you want to be eating at 3 am in the morning.

It was an amazing day in Rasht, Iran, and now I know exactly why they call Rasht an Iranian food capital of Iran!

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