The World’s Only 7-Star Hotel Inside


Imagine you’re on vacation, and you decide to splurge and stay at a 5-star hotel instead of the usual 3 star one, making you acutely aware of the luxury you’ve been missing out on. But, what about a 7-star hotel!? Well, “lavish” and “extravagant” would be understatements.

So what would actually happen if you visited a 7-star hotel? It’s time to show you. Let’s take the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. It’s recognized as a 7-star hotel. Though, it’s a 5-star hotel. But the way it got its impressive rating is pretty interesting.

– It took approximately 5 years to build, and was finished in 1999. The reason it took so long to complete is that it was constructed on an artificial island.
– The Architect designed it to resemble the sail of a ship.
– You’ll be given an option to either ride to the hotel or take a private helicopter.
– The sail-like structure is built on sand. It’s just over 1000 feet tall, with 250 concrete columns. Each of them is approximately 5 feet in diameter, and they dive to 148 feet below sea-levels.
– Walking around, you’ll see flashes of real gold from every direction: In the decorations, on the furniture, even on the chandeliers.
– You’re provided with an exclusive butler for your suite. You won’t have to lift a finger.
– The suites are so big, it’ll take more than 30 minutes for the butler to show you around.
– If you decide to be more adventurous and book one of the Royal Suites, you’re in for a big shock. Each of the suites are approximately 8,400 square feet, and they cover the whole floor.
– In order to make sure that you get top-quality sleep, the hotel does something extravagant: they present you with 17 varieties of pillows to pick from.
– For lunch, you’re taken to the 27th floor – The restaurants is called “Al Muntaha” which means “The highest”. The windows start from the floor, and stretch all the way up to the ceiling.
– At dinner, you can book a table at the Al Mahara, which translates to Oyster Shell. You’ll enter the dining room through a golden, shell-shaped corridor.
– Near the restaurant, there are also a few private rooms with their own aquariums inside. They have gold shells hanging from the ceiling with special lighting.
– Recently, the most luxurious bar in the world opened in the hotel, and it’s called Gold on 27. It offers unique drinks, and the trained bar tenders keep their recipes secret.

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