11 Things You Should Avoid Doing on the Plane


When you board an airplane, you expect a pleasant flight with as much comfort as you could get. But your comfort — and safety too, for that matter, — heavily depends on your friendly flight attendants.
Of course, they won’t say anything, but there are things they frown upon — and one that they just loathe. But I’m getting ahead of myself. So, if you really want a nice journey, you should keep in mind not to do those things that earn you the wrath of the flight attendants.


Going to the airplane bathroom while boarding 0:34
Taking too much carry-on 1:23
Bringing sources of strong smells 2:24
Leaving your headphones on 4:03
Asking to switch seats 4:41
Getting up while the “Fasten your seatbelts” sign is on 5:19
Constantly pressing the call button 6:01
Asking about the menu 6:42
Not giving your trash to the flight attendants 7:15
Not listening to the safety presentation 8:17
Touching flight attendants to get their attention 9:00

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– When there’s a line of passengers waiting to use the bathroom while everyone else is looking for their seats, delays are guaranteed.
– So when you take too much carry-on with you, two unpleasant things happen at once: one, you make other people wait while you put all your stuff up there, and two, those people who’ve been waiting for you can’t put their own bags into the bins because you’ve hogged them.
– Even pleasant smells can get on your nerves when there’s just too much of them. That perfumed piece of handmade soap you carry on with you has a wonderful aroma, but only for the first few minutes.
– When a flight attendant approaches you to ask a question, it’s polite to take off your headphones and pay them your full attention.
– Flight attendants confess that one of the most frustrating things is when passengers start trying to persuade them to change their seat assignments. The thing is, they simply can’t do that.
– When taking off, taxiing, and landing, as well as during turbulence, you should stay seated and fasten your belt in case anything happens.
– If you insistently press the call button for no good reason, chances are you’ll be asked to stop doing that — or even ignored completely.
– When you ask a flight attendant what they have, you make other passengers wait longer and get edgy — consider this when you take your time ordering your food and drinks.
– One of the downsides of working as a flight attendant is that you only get paid for the hours of actual flight. All the work you do while on land is free.
– Safety presentations are really similar on most airlines, but it’s still worth it to refresh them in your memory before the flight.
– It’s absolutely not fine to poke or grab a flight attendant for any reason, just like any other person. Some attendants say, though, that there are people who find it okay to touch them by the knee or ankle when they pass by.