This Side of Romania No One Shows You

Flying The Nest

Today’s episode here in Romania is extra special as it’s a side of this country not many people show you. Rather than heading up to Corvins castle straight from Bucharest instead we headed south…to the Serbian border.

After seeing the Danube in three other countries, we thought the Romanian countryside would be the perfect spot to actually take a boat trip on it for the first time.
We saw
– Veterani Cave
– Trajan’s Bridge
– Rock Sculpture of Decebalus
– Roman Tablet

Next stop we decided to take an hour hike 350 meters above the Danube to see the best views of the boilers.

That evening we arrived at our accommodation – the cutest little beach huts with the best views in all of Romania.

Where we stayed: Dream Tricule – Danube’s Boilers…

After awaking at sunrise in the morning we then headed out to a beautiful national park – Nera Gorges National Park to hike through the forests, see waterfalls and go for a cheeky little dip.

We then ended our day at Casa Thea with Dada the goat, some local Romania food and some fresh juice.

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