A motorist has a lot going on but Mr. Butler isn’t having it.
some of the comments people wrote:

Nerissa Schmutter I normally love watching this judge and how generous and caring he is. But this is just one woman that I felt did not at all deserve it. She was there specifically to take advantage of his kindness. The way she spoke to the court administrator was just really rude and disrespectful. He was fair. Asking you to cover court costs is still more than reasonable. And let me get this straight. On disability, can’t afford to put food on the table but can afford to have your nails done? Yeah right. He should have made you pay the lot


Nancy Cassandra Sadly, she definitely took advantage of a very kind hearted judge. I think court cost would have been fair. And why a glove for a broken nail? Put a band aid on it. Too much drama!


Christine Marie Raccioppi This one definitely took advantage of the judges kindness. I would have thrown the book out her.

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