Street Food in Balochistan – GOLD STUFFED LAMB + INSANE BBQ Meat Tour of Chabahar, Iran!

The Food Ranger

Today, we’re going for a RARE Street food WHOLE Lamb and BBQ MEAT Tour in Chabahar, Balochistan, Iran! Balochistan is a region that covers area in both Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan, and features some of the best street food in the WORLD! That’s why we traveled here to taste it, especially the whole STUFFED LAMB!

Today, Mr. Taster and Ehsan are bringing us in for a WHOLE Balochi style stuffed GOLD Lamb and some AMAZING Chicken Sajji! This is all Balochistan style street food that you’re going to love!

First up, Mr. Taster is bringing us into the local morning market to try some INCREDIBLE Balochi morning street food, like samosa and fried potato. It was very similar to street food in Pakistan and street food in India.

And next up, we’re going to try the WHOLE STUFFED LAMB, Balochi style! The tanorche stuffed lamb is a true specialty of this region of Balochistan and Iran and we were lucky to get to taste it! Found at Tanorche Eslam!…
This was a little bit similar to the stuffed lamb in quetta that we had last time for our Pakistan street food series! Both were very delicious!

We watched the whole cooking process for the whole goat and watched how it was stuffed with rice and stuffed bell peppers! The whole lamb recipe was INSANE! It was cooked underground for 2 hours and then pulled out and was incredibly smoky and juicy!

And then we went for WHOLE CHICKEN SAJJI! This was quite similar to the Chicken sajji in Quetta as well! There was a lot of SECRET MASALA!

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