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Babe, where’s my passport?

Welcome back to Van Life! We explore Luxembourg the smallest and richest country in the world. The video is about our time in Luxembourg featuring all of the top attractions and best things to do in this complete travel guide.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is an excellent tourist destination thanks to a diverse range of attractions and its location at the heart of Europe. The thousand year old capital and the regions each have their own unique flavour and discoveries to be made. Experience contemporary and historic culture, explore the country’s hiking and cycling trails, water sports and taste world-class cuisine and local wine.

We had the opportunity to pick up a Camper Van from Camper Experience in The Netherlands. We thought let’s be spontaneous and pick our camper van holiday destination BLINDFOLDED. We had NO idea where we were going when we picked up the camper van watch that video here: https://youtu.be/IVYGvBekdiE
#blindfoldedholiday #VanLife

Want to go on a Europe Camper Van Holiday? Check out Camper Experience: http://bit.ly/2XSfo3u


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