Mexico City Travel Guide

The American Tourist

Mexico City.. a sprawling capital home to over 20 million people. And while Mexico is known for its beautiful beach towns, it seems that the capital city itself is often overlooked as a tourist destination.. is it underrated? My name is Ricky Moreno, and I’m gonna show you the most popular attractions, and all the reasons why people say, “I love Mexico City!”

1:05 – Airport Arrival
1:38 – The Zocalo
4:15 – Tacos Tacos Tacos
5:49 – The Metro
6:38 – Chapultapec Park
8:13 – Teotihuacan
11:50 – Montezuma’s Revenge
13:06 – Lucha Libre
14:49 – Xochimilco
17:07 – Plaza Garibaldi

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