Don’t do this in MALAYSIA 🇲🇾


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Malaysia is predominantly muslim populated country therefore there are certain rules and law to aware and abide to when you are in Malaysia. These things not to do in Malaysia is based on our experience while staying there, which can be the precaution for those whom have no expectations about Malaysia and being their First time to Malaysia.

Malaysia is a multicultural country and you should respect all kinds of different culture here of different religion basis. However, all these must not do is not obligated for you to follow as is all depends on the type of people you meet throughout Malaysia due to the different culture and different religion.

To All tourist, have a blast in Malaysia ( We bet you will !) and to all Malaysians, if we ever wrote or spoke about anything you disagree with and we believe there will be some disagreements, do let us know. If you have anything to add in, do comment down here so everyone would know when they visit Malaysia. Or just comment to say Where are you from ! we would be curious to know ! Have a nice stay in Malaysia to you all ! Peace !:)

‘ you don’t have to be rich to travel well’

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