⁴ᴷ Walking Cannes, France – Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet to Port from Station

Watched Walker

A first-person perspective Cannes (France) walk tour from Place de la Gare train station to Cannes Port, via Rue d’Antibes shopping street, Grande Roue Ferris Wheel and Palais des Festivals, home to the Cannes Film Festival with its famous red carpet.

00:00 Place de la Gare
00:38 Rue Du Vingt-Quatre Août (Junction with: Rue Hoche 01:18)
02:11 Rue d’Antibes (Junction with: Rue du Maréchal Foch 02:54)
04:49 Rue Jean de Riouffe
05:54 Square Mérimée
07:03 Boulevard de la Croisette
08:54 Promenade de la Pantiero

13:23 Boulevard de la Croisette
15:34 Rue Buttura
19:15 Promenade Robert Favre le Bret
23:15 Jetée Albert Edouard

00:10 Gare de Cannes – Train Station
01:10, 01:31 Galeries Lafayette Cannes – Department Store
01:26 Da Laura – Italian Restaurant
01:28 Columbus – Cafe
03:47 Jacques Loup – Shoe Shop
04:38 ZARA – Clothing Shop
06:17 Church of Our Lady of Good Voyage
06:49 Statue of Arthur Jacques Le Duc de Cannes
07:17, 14:33 Claude Debussy Theatre (Théâtre Claude Debussy)
07:43, 13:32 Casino Barriere Le Croisette
09:53 Grande Roue (Cannes) – Ferris Wheel
10:50, 22:48 Cannes Port (Port de Cannes)
12:14 Gare Maritime – Exhibition Planner
13:56, 15:07 Cannes Walk Of Fame
15:47 Palais des Festivals (Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet)
18:15 Bust of President Georges Pompidou
19:22, 20:48 Cannes Beach
22:16 Monument in memory of Alain Gerbault – Solitary Navigator
22:55 Monument in memory of Virginie Heriot – Yachtswoman
25:33 View towards Heliport

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