Visit Venice – The Don’ts of Visiting Venice, Italy

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From Overpriced Gondola Rides to Slippery Streets to Overpriced and Underwhelming Tourist Restaurants this Video Covers What You Shouldn’t Do When you Go to Venice, Italy.
Italy is an amazing city, well worth visiting and exploring, but there are a few things tourists and travelers should avoid or not do when they come to Venezia, Italia.
Don’t – bring too much luggage, having to lug it over all of those bridges and down long streets is not a fun thing to do,
Don’t – be surprised if the locals have different lines than the touristsDon’t – pay for a toilet, go get a Spritz or a Coffee instead. You have to pay for something make it a treat, not a toilet.
Don-t – expect a cheap gondola ride. they are a bit pricey and you will need to pay more to get him to sing.
Don’t – forget to explore outside the main island of Venice. There are great places to visit around Venice like the Murano glass factories or farther afield in Padova and Vicenza.
Don’t – be surprised if you have walk on risers occasionally when the city floods.
Don’t – wear skimpy clothes if you are hoping to get into Basilica San Marco.
There are a lot more don’ts of visiting Venice, but why don’t you watch and learn more!
Filmed in Venice, Italy
Copyright Mark Wolters 2017

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