Trying Slovak Food What I Ate in Bratislava, Slovakia


Mar 30, 2018

Eileen Aldis

For me, one of the best parts of travelling to new places is trying new foods. Not only does it tell you a lot about a place, but it can be unforgettably delicious. The food I tried in Bratislava, Slovakia did not disappoint.

We saw a cheese vending machine – that was a first! It’s at the bus station so people can grab something for the road. It looks like a little log cabin and pictures a man tending his animals. Very pastoral! Inside there are different kinds of traditional Slovak cheese like smoked cheese and garlic and paprika cheese. There are also other dairy products like yogurt. I love vending machines and all the things you can find in them around the world.

We really wanted to try traditional Slovak food so we went to Kláštorný Pivovar (Monastic Brewery), a brewery where you can see the beer being made. I got to try Kofola and there’s a lot of history wrapped up in this sweet, carbonated beverage. Back when Slovakia and the Czech Republic were Czechoslovakia, Kofola became extremely popular because similar drinks like Coke and Pepsi were not generally available. Kofola is still super popular today (I’d say still more than those competitors) and you can find it everywhere. The main reason we went to the brewery was because we were tipped off that they bake their own bread bowls in which to serve Slovak garlic cream soup. They keep the top of the bread on like a little top so the soup stays nice and hot. It was topped with gooey cheese and tasted so comforting after walking around in the cold all day. We also ordered Slovak National dumplings which are little potato dumplings with sheep cheese and bacon. Marc and I shared a platter of sausage served with mustard and horseradish sauce and it was bursting with mildly spicy flavour that also warmed us up.

You know when it’s really cold out and you walk by a place and it looks so warm and welcoming that it draws you in? That’s what happened at a place called Škodovka. The name of this café comes from the Czech car manufacturer Skoda and you can see a bright yellow Skoda car inside. The rest of the interior feels like walking into someone’s living room in the 1960s. Marc had a tea with honey and lemon which came with a cute lemon squeezer. I wanted hot chocolate but couldn’t decide between white and dark so the waiter made me one with both – so nice! We also tried Slovak snack food which was bread rolls stuffed with what tasted like tuna salad.

On our way out of Bratislava, we stopped at a cute restaurant called Café Verne. It’s named after Jules Verne who spent time in the area. The décor was vintage and cozy. We shared a bottle of Kofola (beverages taste better in glass bottles, right!?) and I ordered goulash with dumplings while Marc had vegetable risotto. We were obviously craving comfort foods.

I’d love to know: what are your favourite Slovak foods?

Where to eat in Bratislava:

Kláštorný Pivovar:
Cafe Verne:

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