Iranian Food Tour

Iran Program Presstv

If Iranians are known for their special and unique hospitality, then we shouldn’t forget that food is always part of that experience!
This time we go to the beautiful city of Kerman where a food festival is being held with participants from Kerman, Sistan and Baluchestan and Yazd provinces. They showcase their traditional foods and other edibles in a three-day festival. There is also a cooking competition where three chefs from each province have 3 hours to cook their best traditional appetizers, main courses and deserts! Then will get judged by local and national judges/chefs on quality, presentation and basically the whole cooking and serving experience. This is all to show the importance of food tourism and the role our traditional foods can play in attracting tourists to every corner of this beautiful land of Iran. This festival is a nationwide event happening in few months where every couple of week, one province becomes host and 2-3 other neighboring provinces participate.

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