Aug 1, 2018

Jodie Dewberry

We’ve been living in Tbilisi Georgia for nearly a month and, unlike other places, we’ve eaten Georgian food every single day. Because the food in Tbilisi is AMAZING!

In today’s video – and my final travel vlog from Georgia, sob! – I want to show you some of my favourite Georgian foods as we head our for our final dinner in Tbilisi. I didn’t know what to expect when we arrived in Georgia in any way, but I wish I’d known how good the food is! I’ll definitely be looking for Georgian restaurants and more chances to try Georgian food on my travels from now on.

In this food video, we try seven of our the best foods in Tbilisi. Here they are in order:

1 – Eggplant rolls with walnut
2 – Satsivi (with salmon)
3 – Tolma
4 – Soko ketse – mushrooms with cheese
5 – Khachapuri/Georgian pizza
6 – Khinkali
7 – Mtsvadi

If you ever travel to Tbilisi Georgia, these are just some of the Georgian foods you NEED to try. The only one we didn’t have in this video was beans in a pot, but check out the linked card to see that.

As always, thank you for watching! I hope you’ve enjoyed these Georgia vlogs as much as I’ve enjoyed making them for you.

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