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In this special edition, we bring you all things kebab, a dish that dates back some 790,000 years. And when it comes to the region where it has its roots, there is a moutwatering array on offer. The dish was originally invented in Turkey and later made its way into the wider Middle Eastern cuisine.

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Actually this is not correct , The Persian Soldiers during the Achaemenid Empire, specifically the immortals, wen t hunting and used their swords as skewers. The Ottomans also did this, but the ottoman empire came after the Achaemenid empire.

Cyrus King
3 months ago
Exactly, Herodot described how Achemenid/Persian Soldiers grilled Meat on the Swords as Skewers. This Turkish Gentlemen took the story and apply it on the Ottomans. Most dishes from Middle East have their Roots in Ancient Persian Cuisine (specially in the Sassanid Cuisine).

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