ROAD TRIP MIDDLE EAST: Iran (Part 5 – Tehran, Kandovan, Tabriz)


Nov 9, 2019

Kylie Flavell

Thank you for coming back to the 5th episode of this series, which continues my road trip through Iran, this time I’m in Tehran and travelling to the village of Kandovan and the beautiful city of Tabriz. It has not been easy to make this documentary for free but it has given me so much joy to tell the stories of these kind Iranians I met along the way. Making these episodes alone is very time consuming and expensive and if you would like to support my work, you can find my Patreon page here:
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In Tehran, the restaurant I ate the rice Tachin in was called Moslem and the bar we went to for tea and cake is called Cafe Godo Gole Yas.
اسیر-دام-تو-دلکش-18739 – a1
مرا ببوس- گلنراقي
Jazz Tehran
Homayoun Shajarian Ahay Khabardar
Ebi Gheseh Eshgh
Orquesta iraní Shahoo
Iranian Orchestra Played a Song by Mohammad Sarir, Called _Ey Iran Iran_
Ey Iran (EyIran), سرود ای ایران Darya Dadvar دریا دادور
Darya Dadvar – Persian opera beautiful voice
Ebi Gheseh Eshgh
بهار دلنشین و دو ترانه دیگر – استاد غلامحسین بنان
Ebi Gheseh Eshgh
Old Armenian folk songs – Real Armenian music
Iranian Orchestra Played a Song by Mohammad Sarir, Called _Ey Iran Iran_
Orquesta iraní Shahoo

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