Jul 29, 2019
Kylie Flavell

Ciao! This week I’m in Sicily with my hilarious friend Brian. Come enjoy a beach escape to this beautiful island in the traditional village of Cefalù just an hour from Palermo. If you’re learning the language or just planning a vacation in Italy this summer, these Italian phrases will help you whether you’re in Puglia, Positano, Ponza, Portofino, Sardinia, Capri or the whole of the Amalfi Coast. I tried to put in a few more advanced phrases for those lucky expats who have moved to Italy and are trying to learn the language to make a life as a local. I’ve lived in Italy for many years and summer in this country still fills me with joy and excitement. Good luck if your goal is to learn Italian! Keep going – the reward of becoming fluent and connecting with Italians will be worth it!!

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