Most INSANE Doner Kebab in Istanbul!


Mark Wiens
Oct 12, 2016

Day 13: Istanbul to Rome on Turkish Airlines – On Day 13 of our Round The World Trip with Star Alliance, I first had the most insanely amazing doner kebab I’ve ever had, and then we went to the airport, enjoyed the Istanbul Turkish Airlines lounge, before flying with Turkish Airlines from Istanbul to Rome.

00:53 Tarihi Karadeniz Döner – My friend Tuba from says this place serves the best doner kebab in Istanbul, and she’s no joking around. The first thing you notice when you arrive to Tarihi Karadeniz Döner is the biggest round of doner that you’ll likely ever see in your life – it’s absolutely incredibly beautiful. Many people order their doner kebab for takeaway, but they have some seating upstairs where you can grab a seat and enjoy your doner kebab immediately after its shaved off. I ordered a plate of doner kebab meat, which was absolutely awesome. The meat was shaved perfectly, so it was slightly crispy, yet juicy and flavorful all the way through. Then I also ordered the iskender kebab (İskender kebap), another Turkish food I had been longing to eat. The doner kebab meat is sliced off, then combined with tomato sauce, sheep butter, and yogurt. Finally, to wash down the doner, I also had a cup of ayran. Total price – 46 TL ($15.45)

7:19 Taxi to Istanbul Atatürk Airport – After the amazing doner kebab at Tarihi Karadeniz Döner, we then checked out of our hotel and jumped in a taxi to the airport. Price – 57 TL ($19.14)

8:13 Turkish Airlines Lounge – I haven’t been to too many lounges, but the Turkish Airlines lounge in Istanbul is one of the most amazing airline lounges in the world. There was so much good food and so many drinks and beverage options. I was honestly pretty full after devouring all that doner kebab, but I did have a chance to try Turkish manti and then I went in for some salad.

12:05 Turkish Airlines Flight from Istanbul to Rome – We then caught our flight on Turkish Airlines from Istanbul to Rome. Turkish Airlines is an amazing airline with great service, and I love how there’s a chef on board. For lunch I had the kebab and it was pretty good.

16:45 Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport – The flight from Istanbul to Rome didn’t take too long, and we arrive to Rome!

17:16 Bus to Termini Station – 5.90 EUR ($6.59) per person – To get from the airport to the center of Rome we took the bus, which dropped us off at Termini station. From Termini Station we took the Metro to Spagna station.

18:13 Rome Marriott Grand Hotel Flora – During out time in Rome, we stayed at Rome Marriott Grand Hotel Flora, located in a great location.

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