Top 10 things to do in Vienna

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  1. Mehdi Amiri sagt:

    to be honest, i think this is a guide for children, nobody comes to Vienna to visit Parks and Zoos, but i would like to mention, that schenbrunner Zoo is the oldest zoo in the world and if you have the extra half day timen, go and visit the place.
    Tourist come to Vienna for music, Opera, wine, good food…. but not to go to parks.
    it does not even mention, the Opea House or Burg Theater, doese not talk about, differnt palaces, like, Belvedere, Schoenbrun… and the Art Galleries..
    it Doese not even Talk about, Heurigen, the World famous Wine Restaurants in Vienna….
    all together, forget this Guide…sorry for posting it!

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